The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund


TOPIC 1: Increasing Access to Medicine

People that have the privilege of any easy access to medicine hold one of the biggest luxuries. In developing and middle-income countries, populations must go through great lengths to get the drugs and vaccinations that they need. That is, if they can even gain access to them at all. For a lot of people, the issue also involves the factor of cost. Healthcare can be incredibly costly, and is something that cannot be afforded by some families. Medicine should not be something that only a certain class of people are able to bear the expense of. Rather, it should be something with universal accessibility. Therefore, the need for an increasing access to medicine is more crucial than ever. Countries that currently have issues with being provided with medicine need to find alternative solutions to ensure this happens. As delegates, you are expected to delve into the world of medicine and research the most feasible and pragmatic solutions to the problem at hand.


topic 2: The Impact of Climate Change on Infectious Diseases

Studies have shown the disastrous impact our climate has made on the severity and distribution of infectious agents across the planet. Ever since the beginning of human civilization, mankind has taken preventative measures in order to escape the effect of climate change on diseases. From migrating during different seasons, to boiling water, this topic has been relevant since ancient times. With this ever changing climate due to manmade fossil fuels, the need for solutions is more prominent than ever. As delegates, you must look at not only the effect of climate change, but also preventative measures we as a global community and individual governments must take. While solutions to best use our resources have been and are currently being innovated, the objective of this committee is not to come up with the solution or debate the best solution to aid global citizens, but rather how to best implement it in as many countries as possible.