warsaw pact


TOPIC 1: The Integration of Communist Leaning Nations from Outside the European Block

From the beginning of the Cold War after WWII until the collapse of the Soviet bloc in the early 1990s, Eastern Europe was always firmly on the Soviet side of the Iron Curtain, as the Soviet Union made sure that the governments of its Warsaw Pact satellite states and of its own Eastern European constituent republics were under stable communist regimes. However, as country after country left the Soviet sphere of influence and joined Western nations they had formerly despised, Russia slowly lost key geopolitical advantages. With NATO and NATO-friendly nations on its doorsteps, Russia developed a strategy in an effort to regain its former sphere: aggression in Eastern Europe. By using its influence to replace unfriendly governments with friendly ones and by using its military might, Russia has successfully pulled many Eastern European nations back into the “Russosphere” while annexing the region of Crimea and backing separatists in Eastern Ukraine. Moreover, as NATO has not taken direct action to counter this aggression, save for maintaining its defensive posture in Eastern European NATO states and backing UN sanctions, Russia has become more and more emboldened in its advance. As NATO, any solution must consider numerous factors, including the military capabilities of all parties, the past history of the region, and ramifications of any action.


topic 2: The Space Race

As WWII tensions continued to rise, the race to be the forerunner of innovation had begun. Emerging from a military background, the competition to be the first country to explore the unknown and limitless bounds of the universe, or what is commonly referred to as the “Space Race”, was fierce and broadcasted for the whole world to see. As the U.S.S.R. worked with allies to ensure their victory and remain in the lead the U.S. struggled to keep up for much of the race. The Space Race was not only a fight for dominance and a show of either countries technological and military power, but also a representation of the ongoing war between democracy and communism. For this committee you will need determine your countries contributions to the Space Race and debate on how the outcome of the race could have been altered.