As a requirement for the East Bay Model United Nations conference, we require all delegates participating to turn in a position paper to secretariat@ebmun.org to be eligible for committee awards. Position papers are due to your chairs by November 18th at 11:59 PM. Please follow the directions carefully for your position paper to be considered. 



Committee chairs and the secretariat are looking to see the following in your papers:

  • historical background
  • potential past UN action
  • country policy
  • proposed solutions
  • works cited

If you are in a crisis committee, consider including the following in your position paper:

  • character background
  • relevance to situation, include potential powers
  • goals for committee


Please use the following guidelines when formatting your position paper before sending it to your committee chair:

  • size 12 Times New Roman
  • double spaced
  • 1 inch margins
  • 1-3 pages in length per topic, 2-6 for the one topic for crisis committees (including works cited)
  • exported in a PDF format



After you have finished your position paper to the best of your abilities and double checked that it is in line with our regulations above, please email your paper to secretariat@ebmun.org with your committee and country. (for example: DISEC USA Position Paper)