Joint Crisis Cabinet


TOPIC: Defeating the Privateers

The year is 1716, exactly 2 years after treaties between Great Britain and other nations brought the end of the War of Spanish Succession. Unable to find a job elsewhere after being relieved of military duty,  many British seamen and privateers have turned to piracy to make ends meet. Booming commerce due to the Triangular Transatlantic Slave Trade between Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe has also led to a surge in these adventurous naval outlaws. However, these advantages are not without cost. The ferocious and merciless nature of the pirates have made them a large threat to the powerful European empires. Determined to protect their assets at sea, these empires have begun to eliminate their rogue enemies. They have issued a statement demanding surrender and vowing to hang those that rebel. Whether you accept their offer of surrender or decide to fight for your freedom is up to you.