European Commission


TOPIC 1: Negotiating Brexit

Welcome to the European Commission! The EC is a branch of the EU (European Union) that deals with legislation, negotiation, and policies. Each of you, as delegates will be representing one of the 28 nations in the EU. This is a specialized committee containing only countries in the EU; as such, cultural differences and long-standing relationships must be considered as you negotiate with all of the other delegates to arrive at a peaceful resolution to the topics at hand.

We will start with Topic A, Negotiating Brexit, where you will attempt to peacefully solve the 3 “divorce” issues and ensure that both the citizens of the UK and the EU receive a fair deal; Set in the backdrop of the real world, however, you will need to ensure the calm and stability of both the EU and the UK, economically and socially, and refine your legislation before chaos erupts.


topic 2: The Non-Compliance of the Asylum and Return Legislation with EU Law

Furthermore, you will have to navigate the immigration issues of the EU, rewriting legislation to ensure safety for both asylum seekers and general migrants and establish a more efficient immigration process that benefits both migrants and citizens of the EU, without caving to society’s fears.  

Finally, as this is a specialized committee and a different legislative body than the UN, there may be very minor parliamentary procedure changes (if any at all), which will all be summarized in the upcoming topic guide. We look forward to your participation and leadership in the EU!