Economic and Financial Affairs Council of the European Union


TOPIC 1: Creating Cryptocurrency Regulations

The Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN) will be addressing two topics this year.  The first topic is the Role of Cryptocurrencies internationally. Recently, the established cryptocurrency Bitcoin has seen tremendous growth and many other cryptocurrencies have been founded in an attempt to imitate Bitcoin's success.  Given that these currencies have been largely unregulated, what should the world's response be to a growing, decentralized, and fully electronic currency?


topic 2: Global Labor

The second topic is the Ineffective Legislation Regarding Global Labor. In many underdeveloped countries, lower class citizens are exploited and mistreated but must stay employed out of necessity. Throughout the world, issues such as child labor, forced labor, modern slavery, human trafficking, and many others remain prominent. As a committee, ECOFIN’s goal is to address this problem from an economic lens.