The First Disarmament and International Security Committee


TOPIC 1: The Regulation of Directed Energy Weapons

Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) come in many different forms, with each nation using a different form of the same technology. The main form of DEWS are space lasers which are used for either destruction or defense. Space lasers are employed by many countries as they are often more powerful and effective than earth defense missile systems. However, with many top nations employing such weapons into space, and dual purpose technology being created that has the military capabilities of a space laser, the United Nations seeks to regulate the possible harms that comes from this new technology.


topic 2: The Standardization of Airport Security

For members of a fast-paced, mobile society, aircrafts are the fastest and most efficient way of travelling. On average 8 million people travel by air a day. Security measures at international airports vary, with some having inconsistent and non-standardized security procedures, at best. It is common for nations to have airport security guidelines, however the world lacks a standardized system optimized at an international level. Therefore, the threat of weapons and dangerous items needs to be eliminated to ensure a safe and secure flight and stay at the airport.