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TOPIC: #RescoreJuneSAT/Competing with the ACT

The month is August, just a few months after the 2018 June SAT debacle. The Collegeboard brand has taken a serious blow. Parents and students around the nation wonder if the SAT really is the best test for them to invest their time and money into. Although Collegeboard currently maintains a supreme status among the education industry, they see their grip on their market share wane and wane year by year. Currently the non profit has its branches in AP, SAT, the subject exams, and financial aid. Collegeboard is trying to make good on its mission statement of expanding educational opportunity to all by partnering with Khan Academy to supply free SAT prep to anyone with internet. However, as parents and students alike see that educational opportunity can be robbed by missing just 3 questions on SAT math, will Collegeboard remain head of the education industry? Or will other organizations like ACT and International Baccalaureate take its place...