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Held annually at California High School, East Bay Model United Nations is a conference that draws hundreds of delegates from all over the Bay Area and beyond to participate in a weekend of debate, education, and growth. The conference emphasizes the approach "by students, for students." Delegates from California High School and Foothill High School work hard to ensure a personal and unique spin on Model UN. Through their combined efforts, this conference continues to provide an enriching and engaging experience for its fifth consecutive year.



Since the beginning of this year, our secretariat has been working hard to ensure the best experience for all delegates attending our East Bay Model United Nations Conference. The members of our senior secretariat are as follows:

  • Secretary General: Nishitha Shetty
  • Director General: Samantha Maners
  • Crisis Director: Asim Biswal
  • USG of Research: Kristin Mifsud
  • USG of Media: Emily Giverts